Hey Friends!

As you may have heard, Australia is having some incredibly massive and heartbreaking fires right now. Here at team TFPS, we wanted to help! Sugarloaf & Jack, our two pumpkin mascots, aren't currently trained in firefighting and rescue efforts but they ARE trained in creating seriously cute cross stitch patterns!

Our pattern is a little koala bear, surrounded by Golden Wattle, the national emblem of Australia. Golden Wattle is a special plant that symbolizes unity and is suited to withstand drought, wind and bushfires. 



If you'd like to stitch #TFPSWithLove we have a few fabric suggestions!


Picture This Plus- Crystal Earthen would be a really nice neutral choice!

Picture This Plus- Crystal Petals. Very soft and sweet!


Picture This Plus- Serene. A pale mint!

I hope these fabric suggestions help inspire you to stitch a little koala and keep our friends in Australia in your thoughts. We have a huge community of Australian stitchers and we want them to know that we are thinking of them daily.

Happy stitching,

Amanda & Ashleigh 

January 08, 2020 — Amanda Jennings