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The most unique fabric for a seriously cute kit!

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Amanda Jennings

On Thursday, July 28th at 9 am Pacific Time (you can google- "what time is it in California" if you are unsure about the time difference!) we will be launching two new clubs! 


One club we'd like to share with you today is alllll about Halloween! The pattern is called Trick-or-Treat Costume Club and it features a bunch of seriously cute kids in costumes.


We picked some pretty DMC + Weeks Dye Works for this pattern and the sample is adorable.


But what makes this club really mysterious and unique is the fabric choice!


The Aida & Cashel Linen are hand dyed by Picture This Plus and while they are all the same colorway, each piece is completely different.


The Aida fabric is more purple, the Cashel is a little more blue. 


Some pieces of either fabric base are a beautiful semi-solid, while some pieces have orange smudges! 


If you purchase a kit from us, order directly Picture This Plus or from your local needlework shop, your piece of fabric will be completely one of a kind and unique to just you!


Unfortunately here at TFPS we can't reserve a particular piece for you but we can say that each piece for our kits are very beautiful and special! 


If mysterious fabric isn't your thing- that's totally ok! You don't need a kit to stitch-a-long with us! Pick up the pattern and download it to your mobile device or print it out and bring it to your local needlework shop, it's just as fun to do a floss toss and pick out your own fabric. If you don't have a local needlework shop, many online shops are happy to help with fabric options. 


You'll be able to find Trick-or-Treat Costume Party in the "New" section on our website on July 28th at 9 am Pacific time! We'll see you then!


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Introducing Summer Beach Day!

Posted on June 02, 2016 by Amanda Jennings

Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch Pattern


Tomorrow is the big day!

Summer Beach Day launches at 8 am Pacific Time! You'll find all the new stuff at that time by clicking this link:

This PDF pattern is a mystery club that is broken up into two clues. The first clue is released on June 17th and the second is on July 15th. It's a summer themed version of Autumn Harvest Festival and we will be releasing spring & winter versions in the future.

We have three limited edition items available tomorrow: a notions case made by Chicken Boots USA, a Sugarloaf sunbathing needleminder and a Jack in a sand pail needleminder made by A Needle Runs Through It. If you'd like any of these items, we strongly suggest setting an alarm as a reminder for the update!

We will have kits for Summer Beach Day! Both Aida and Linen will be available. Other kits we will also have in stock: Autumn Harvest Festival, Pumpkin Passport, Story Time Sampler, Gingerbread Lane and Mysterious Halloween Town.

You can join the club at ANY time- not just tomorrow! If you want to see what other stitchers are up to or want to meet new friends, we have hashtag ‪#‎summerbeachdaySAL‬ for this pattern!

UK/EU Peeps! Shipping from the US is expensive- shop local! The Homemakery is an online website who sells ridiculously gorgeous craft supplies. They've made kits for this pattern and a few of our other patterns! We are more than happy to ship internationally but international shipping is slow + pricey.

A few important tidbits:

+ Yes, you can combine multiple orders! When we ship your order, you'll receive a shipping refund on any excess shipping charges.
+ is being beastly and sending the download link emails to spam. If you use Hotmail and don't receive your download link, check spam/trash if you can. If you can't, send us an email and we'll be happy to help!
+ If you get a message from SendOwl (the PDF delivery service) that says "Ohoh! Nothing to see here!" this means you have a pop up blocker enabled. If you can disable it, you can download the pattern. If you can't, don't worry, send us an email and we'll be happy to help!
+ If you are using an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device to access your pattern- each time your browser window opens or closes (ie: opening Safari!) it uses a download attempt. If you find after a few seconds you are locked out of your pattern, this just means your browser refreshed 5x. Send us an email and...we'll be happy to help!
+ Please make sure when you sign up for the club that you click the "confirm newsletter" when it arrives in your inbox! This is so you can get the clues for the club sent to you via email on the 17th and July 15th! If you don't click this, you won't get the emails from us and you'll have to use the link in the PDF.

The big thing to remember is is: send us an email and we'll be happy to help! Truly!

We would *love* to be able to keep up with questions and chatter on Facebook and Instagram but by mid-morning we start shipping your orders and I'd hate to miss an important question! Ashleigh & I will be monitoring our email tomorrow continuously during our normal business hours of 7am to 6pm Pacific Time.

Our email address is:

As always- thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

Amanda & Ashleigh

Spring Has Sprung!

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Amanda Jennings

We have Spring fever right now!

This week we had bits of rain, lots of sunshine and we spent a lot of time at local garden shops trying to decide what to plant this year! The roses in the middle photo are grown in Ashleigh's garden- gorgeous right?!

We are pleased to release a brand new pattern, a re-released pattern and a pattern bundle for you this week. All Spring-y & fresh!

First up is called Up! Up! And Away! As you can tell from The Pumpkin Passport, we are on a bit of a travel kick lately! This little pattern features a bunny heading off on a hot air balloon adventure. Up! Up! And Away! is a fun, beginner friendly pattern that would be an easy weekend stitch for a little seasonal decoration. We designed this pattern for YarnTree's Nashville Needlework Show that took place in March, it's now available directly from us as a PDF or printed copies through your local needlework shop!

Back by popular demand...Spring Sampler!
Phew! We've had *so* many requests to bring back our seasonal samplers but we wanted to change them around a bit and that takes a good amount of time.

Here is some back story for you! When we originally released them they were a mystery club with numbered boxes, counting our favorite things of each season. As time went on and the mystery clubs ended, when folks purchased the chart, we noticed that they left off the numbers on the patterns except for the Kawaii Winter Sampler. When we brainstormed how we wanted to revamp these patterns, we opted to leave off the numbers but leave everything else the same.

The downside was that we had a hard drive crash a few years back and we lost all the original charts. *gulp!* With the hard drive crash, we lost all the original black and white charts and couldn't update the patterns to include color charts. It was a super hard decision to stop selling a big chunk of our pattern catalog. We received many, many, many emails asking if we could please bring them back. We had to decide if it was going to be a good idea to pause work on new patterns to complete restore old patterns! 

So in her "spare" time, Ashleigh redesigned all the charts again, from the ground up! She's awesome right?!

Now all four seasons are available again! The PDFs contain black and white charts, along with color charts and the formatting matches all the patterns in our collection. We had our proofing team go over them with a fine tooth comb so they are perfect for you to work on! If you previously purchased any of the samplers and only have black and white charts- please contact us with the email address you purchased the pattern with. We will gladly send you updated charts, free of charge!

If you have been waiting for Spring Sampler to purchase all four patterns, we have an awesome deal for you! You can purchase a bundle that contains all four seasonal patterns- instead of buying each pattern individually at $12.95, you can purchase all four for $44.95 and save $6.85! 

To receive the discount, all four patterns must be purchased using the bundle link and the discount is not valid on previous purchases.

We hope you have a good weekend!

Happy Stitching,
Amanda & Ashleigh

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Introduction to The Pumpkin Passport Stitch-a-Long!

Posted on April 01, 2016 by Amanda Jennings

Well hello there!

Since 2011 we have done a year long mystery stitch-a-long of all different themes- Fruit of the Month (discontinued), Dessert of the Month, Woodland Sampler, Once Upon a Time Sampler, Story Time Sampler and The Pumpkin Passport

By breaking a large chart up into smaller, easy to accomplish bits makes our patterns very entertaining and beginner friendly! Each month is a mystery to you but rest assured- the entire chart is designed, fully tested and sample stitched a year in advance before our releasing it to you. So for example, The Pumpkin Passport, our current club, was designed in 2015 and we are currently designing our 2017 sampler! 

Our 2016 mystery stitch-a-long is called The Pumpkin Passport. You may have seen friends working on it, heard it mentioned on floss tube or came across it on Instagram! This pattern is travel themed and we are visiting twelve different countries throughout the year. 

You can join us at any time for The Pumpkin Passport. Once you sign up you'll receive three emails from us (four if you used PayPal!). These emails are important so we'll discuss all of them in this blog post!

It can take between one and six minutes for all of your emails to arrive. Depending on your email provider, some of these messages may go to spam so please be sure to check that folder!

The emails will automatically go to the address associated with your order so if you are using an email address that you no longer have access to- please email us ( directly so we can forward these messages to you! 

Once you've located all your emails you'll see the following messages:

  • The Pumpkin Passport: Please Confirm Subscription- This is a very important email so please search for it specifically! If you do not open this email and confirm your subscription, you will not receive our monthly emails to you. We do not send you spam, newsletters, sales, etc- you only receive your monthly chart updates from us. 
  • Order confirmation for order #....- This is your receipt with your order number. If at any point you have any questions, let us know your order number and we are more than happy to help!
  • Receipt for Your Payment to The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery- This receipt only arrives if you've paid with PayPal.
  • Your Order From The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is Ready- Everyone's favorite email! The one containing your download link! It's tempting to open this one first and ignore all the others but please trust us. Click and confirm your subscription first!

Be sure to read the PDF fully before starting. We say this all the time but the PDF has all the answers to all your questions! Important topics we cover:

  • The Schedule
  • How to Download the Clue if You Lose Your Email or it Goes to Spam
  • How to Orient the Pattern on the Fabric
  • The Supplies

We hope you'll join us on this seriously cute around the world trip this year!


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