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*SECONDS SALE!* Cross Stitcher Enamel Pin

$ 4.95

Please read fully before completing your purchase!

Seconds are pins that are not 100% perfect, they had minor flaw during the manufacturing process so we held them back to sell at a deep discount!

This is common in the enamel pin world and collectors who may have missed the original wait with anticipation for a seconds sale! Since we re-ordered this design many times, we have a good amount of seconds available. 

Flaws include but are not limited to: bubbles in the enamel, dust in the enamel, uneven colors, speckles in the enamel, etc. Please look at the photo to get an example of what a second looks like and what your pin could potentially look like. Not all seconds look the same and this sale does NOT include badly flawed pins with massive issues. 

This is a great chance to stock up on secret presents for stitching buddies who aren't concerned with perfection, a gift to yourself if you missed the original or even a backup! A few clever folks in our Facebook group chopped the pin off, added a magnet and have made needleminders from them, while we don't have instructions to do so, this is a fun idea! 

We do not have plans to restock this design in the future as it was limited edition!

This is pin is approximately 1" in height, soft enamel and comes with a mint rubber clasp.