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Picture This Plus Shale Aida Fabric

Limited Quantities Available!

Looking to add to your fabric stash? Love hand dyed Aida? Want to try Picture This Plus fabric?
Great news! We have a limited quantity of Shale 14 ct Aida fabric from Picture This Plus available! They refer to the color Shale as a "light smoky brown with an occasional blush color showing up" which is spot on. Photos don't do this fabric justice, it's truly a unique color that showcases their beautiful dye work.

This fabric is our choice for Into the Jungle but some other equally cute patterns would be Mysterious Halloween Town, Halloween Spooky Sampler or even Cherry Blossom Festival!

Each piece of fabric measures 13 x 18 inches (fat 1/8th!) and has all four sides overlocked to prevent fraying while stitching.


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