Inverse Chef Sugarloaf & Sous Chef Jack Needleminder | The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Inverse Chef Sugarloaf & Sous Chef Jack Needleminder

We couldn't decide if we liked Jack better on the left or on the right! This needle minder has Jack on the left, his little bucket is full of kitchen tool and essentials so he can have a day full of baking!

This little magnet rests on your work to hold onto your needle when you aren't working on your project. No more stepping on lost needles!

Specially manufactuered for us, this Sugarloaf & Jack needleminder will keep your needle secure when you aren't stitching!

Our needle minders are handmade from wood and use ultra strong magnets (keep it away from pacemakers, all electronic devices, pets and children.) The surface of the wood has been finished to protect your fabric. Since each needle minder is handmade from a natural material, colors may vary between minders!

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