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Into the Jungle Intro

Into the Jungle Intro Video Transcript:

Hey Everyone, Amanda from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery here today. We are so excited to share with you our brand new 2018 club: Into the Jungle! It’s going to be a really great year, jam packed with 12 different animals, birds, all kinds of beautiful tropical foliage, it’s going to be a blast! I’m so excited to share it with you. Here is a hint; spoiler, spoiler spoiler!

We’ve picked a palette of really bright and fresh colors to work with this year along with a hand dyed embroidery floss from Weeks Dye Works. The fabric has been hand dyed from Picture This Plus and it is a wonderful color called “Shale.”

If you haven’t stitch with us before, I thought I would do a quick little run down on what to expect and what your PDF contains so you have an idea of what is in store for you when you join us in this club. Alright, here we go! As I mentioned, the cover has lots of little spoilers in it like this little tiger, and of course Sugarloaf and Jack. So, the first page is the introduction guide, this is going to talk all about what to expect, orientation, along with the fabric and supplies. And you will also want to know the hashtag which is #intothejungleSAL and this hashtag will enable you to meet new friends, hangout on Instagram and of course, join us in our private Facebook group.

Getting our patterns is so easy, all you have to do is check your email! It’s really that easy, pinky swear! We have a list of dates in which you’ll be receiving your charts. Stitching for this club begins January 15th at 12 pm PT, it’s always going to be 12 pm PT and if you’re ever wondering “when am I going to be getting my next email, when is my next chart coming out,” just refer back to this PDF and this page, because it is all spelled out for you. You get two emails a month from us, one email is going to have the subject line of “Welcome to the Into the Jungle Club” and one will have a subject line of “An updated version of the Into the Jungle Club is available for download.” Either email is going to bring you to the chart. We send out two emails because some email clients such as AOL, Comcast and Hotmail will block one or the other. By having two emails, you don’t have to worry about if one of yours is going to go to spam. If at any time you don’t receive an email, don’t worry, any of your prior emails will automatically bring you to the newest version of the chart.

Here we have our copyright information.

And our stitch guide. If you’re new to cross stitch, this is a basic overview on how to begin. We share with you a lot of our favorite tips and tricks along with helpful graphics on how to work on your project. This is also where we have important information regarding the finished pattern size and the fabric options.

And of course, we have the supply list. So this is going to spell out all of the colors that you need and you are going to notice that there are three thread options. You have the option of DMC, Cosmo; Cosmo is a long staple Egyptian cotton that is imported from Japan and then Weeks Dye Works. Of course these are just a suggestion, you can always switch out the colors to whatever you want to stitch with. The only thing that is tricky is this is a mystery to you. So be careful, anything that you pick and decide to switch out might not work in the upcoming months.

We have created a really cute little thread organizer for you, featuring this super cute sloth. What you’ll do is you’ll print this out, cut along the dotted line and use a hole punch and hole punch out these little dots. All of our kits come with the professionally printed version of this for you.

And then if you are giving this as a gift, you have the option to print out this page, cut it out and give it to your friend and just say “hey guess what I got you this as a present!” And then they will know to check their email and they will get it. It’s really fun!

So if you are new you might be wondering “okay but how does this work?” So I’m going to show you a sample, and the sample is not going to be the Jungle Club because-spoilers, so instead I’m going to show you our 2017 stitch-a-long, Happily Ever After. So here is an example of what the PDFs will look like. January was the first month with the Owl and the Pussy Cat, so you can see this is it here and do you see all these empty places? This is where the charts get filled in throughout the year. Into the Jungle is going to be set up pretty similar in terms of how the PDF looks but the chart of course is different. You get a full color large chart, and then each chart is also then broken up into an expanded chart. Its easy to print, you can see how big and beautiful this is. Ashleigh is a graphic designer and is just fantastic, we put a lot of detail into these. Our charts are also professionally proofed by our wonderful pattern proofing team of Kristi and Belinda, they work hard to make sure that each month when you stitch with us it’s an error free and relaxing experience. In addition to color we also offer black and white charts. So you can see, as the year goes on, this chart is updated and you’ll start filling in the chart as you go. There is never any pressure to “keep up” we really want you to stitch at your own pace and just enjoy the process.

If you are new to cross stitch, we suggest starting with this fabric. And this is Aida. Isn’t is wonderful? So this is again hand dyed by Picture This Plus. And with the Aida, it has a pre-determined grid that’s woven and its really easy to stitch. The sample is stitched on this which is Lugana. And Lugana is a cotton and rayon blend, it’s an evenweave fabric. It looks like traditional linen but it’s easier to count and it’s a breeze to stitch on. I hope that this has answered your questions about our 2018 sampler. We hope that you join us in our private Facebook stitch-a-long group and we hope that you’ll use our hashtag. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at Again, thank you so much for this, it’s now our 8th stitch-a-long year in a row. It’s been great working with you guys and we’ll see you soon! Happy stitching!